The "Biceps Brachii - Photos and Beyond" is photography blog (photoblog)
It is created by me, Sase Antic (aka Alex De La Force). ;)

As I explained in the description of the blog header, here you can find... photos created by a flying mind, with big help of a pair of Biceps brachii (that's musculus biceps brachii :) ).
Usually, I post photos from Macedonia, Balkan region, and Europe, but also some from the rest of the world.
Most of the time, the photography topics are: nature, people, landscapes, places, events...

I like photography a lot.
I took photos a lot.
Because of that, at my photoblog I'll only present just a small part of the favorite photos I took with my camera.

Browse the website, leave a comment if you have something to say. 

You can connect with me via e-mail, or at: Twitter (Alex + Sase) , Facebook and Google+ .

And, one more thing...
Today, when you finish with Internet, go out and enjoy in some new adventures. 
Don't forget to take the camera with you!!! :)

Sase Antic