Tuesday, March 13, 2007

That Gorgeous Mountain (Ljuboten peak at Shar Planina)

Ljuboten (aka Ljubotan, Љуботен, Љуботан) is a peak at Shar Mountain located in the border between Republic of Macedonia and Serbia (in the part with Kosovo). Its height is 2498 meters.

Ljuboten peak at Shar Mountain in early MarchLjuboten peak at Shar Mountain in early March.

This photo is great example to understand why Shar Mountain (shar, sharen = variegated, motley, colorful) have that name.
(Photo taken at the entrance in Vratnica.)

The Shar Mountain (aka Šar Mountains, Sar Mountain, Sar Planina, Шар Планина) is a mountain range that extends from southern Serbia (Kosovo) and the north-west of the Republic of Macedonia to north-eastern Albania.
The system is about 80 kilometers long and 10-20 kilometres wide. It includes several high peaks.
Vegetation on the mountains includes crops up to around 1000 meters, forests up to 1700 meters, and above that lie high pastures which encompass around 550 square kilometres.
The Šar Mountains are the largest compact area covered with pastures on the European continent.
Also, they are most known as the origin of the dog breed Šarplaninac (aka Sharplaninac, Sarplaninec, Шарпланинац), which was bred on these pastures.


Anonymous said...

This photo was shooted in Vratnica (north-western Macedonia), just above my head. ;)

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